Saturday, April 2, 2005 Putting in parallel Humanite and Le Figaro is always interesting exercise. Today their visions of s student movement are poles apart from each other. The choice of words for the students, the angles of attack articles, the use of quotes … A good about working with students in civics or in a media educcation course. Good reading… ——————————————— - 02/04/05 Liberation the teachers are joining the ranks of high school growls Despite the passage of the law, the opposition continues. Saturday event. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- - Le Figaro 02/04/05 some high schools blocked by a few diehards despite the adoption of the Fillon law, radicalized and ultraminoritaires prevent other students studying Read more of the article A movement near the far left high school action committees (CAL) and national Coordination originally schoolgirl occupations are more virulent than the two student unions, the LDIFs and UNL, close to the Socialist Party. CALs, close to the Revolutionary Communist League (LCR) or the Young Communist League, also bring together anarchist although many activists claim to be apolitical. They are inspired by the movement of the same name created in 1967 in Parisian high schools and who is spreading in May 1968. "It is a structure where there is no hierarchy. We work in committee: action, marshals, etc. "admits Boris, a high school student activist Alternative Libertaire, invested in the movement in Paris. Read more of the article Facing occupations, principals do not took off yesterday after a night of particularly rough occupation, the halls of the high school Balzac in Paris were tagged and smelled of urine. Elsewhere, clashes broke out between students who want to work, especially those who prepare the tray, to high school students hardliners. Principals denounce an "unacceptable" situation. "We are shocked and very tired. Personal are tired of being on the go all day and play the night watchmen and police, "protested Philip Guittet, general secretary of the National Union of management staff of National Education (SPDEN). […] Very angry, he feels that "everyday moral violence" to which some of his colleagues are facing these days is the responsibility of teachers’ unions and parents do not explain to children that the law will not be repealed. "We must also tell them that all modes of action are not equal. Manifesting the vote of the law made sense. Today, it’s more, "he says. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 02/04/05 "We have not changed your mind» Trade unions of teachers, education stakeholders, students and high school students calling for demonstrations to save the public school. The student movement has prepared the ground. school to report Suger busy Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) . Read more of the article demonstrations Stop school breaks! Unions of teachers, education stakeholders, students and high school students, Parents’ Federations (FAEN, CIPF, FERC-CGT LDIFs, FSU, NMS-CFDT, UNEF, UNL and UNSA) call "all those who care about the future of youth and are attached to the school and public research" to show this Saturday, April 2, at 15 hours Read more of the article "Roll back educational inequality "in the Senate, the PCF group filed a bill on education, to which Bernard Calabuig contributed. […] This is a project led by a strong commitment to reducing inequality and school failure. We propose the creation of observatories of tuition in all departments to work on the setting in motion of society around the school, to change the ratio of the people at his school. In the 1960-1970 years it was known massification and made a spectacular progress, but for more than a decade the school is down and in crisis. Inequalities will stop over and the gaps between social classes continue to widen. These observatories would allow a new partnership between parents, teachers and elected, and each institution would have all the data to measure the decline of school failure and make proposals more refined locally. For now, it does not exist. Read more of the article When Walloon saved his CPE primary education Counselor (CPE) to the city school Henri Wallon in Aubervilliers, in Seine-Saint-Denis, Remi Duloquin would have lost his job if he n ‘ there was this week of strike … Read More Article Perspectives on the future of Milene school student high school to Utrillo Stain, in Seine-Saint-Denis. In February, she and her classmates were organizing their first sit-in. They occupy, now their establishment. Edward Martin, he is professor of history and geography and campaigns to SNES-FSU Millau. High school students camped there for the past fortnight. The teachers are not behind, they walked off 75% on the days of national strike. Regis Clergue-Duval, finally, is the father of a student of Victor Hugo school in Paris and president of the local CIPF. In this establishment, the movement is active and the parents find their place. Humanity has had the opportunity to follow the different stages of their struggle. Today, she takes stock with them on a new movement for many years, not by its size but by its modes of action. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien 02/04/05 Diving in the heart of a high school "under siege" Always mobilized against the educational policy of the government, the students, this time with parents and teachers, still evident in the country. Without suspend their brilliant actions, such as blocking … Read more of the article shared parents, principals annoyed THREE education authorities (Aix-Marseille, Paris and Toulouse) were occupied yesterday by groups students, before being evacuated by the security forces, in relative calm do my history homework
More Article ———————— ———————— the Cross of Nothing seen … 02/04/05 ————- ———————————– 20 minutes from 02/04/05 No editing on Saturday - ———————————————— Where is- France saw the 02/04/05 Nothing … ————————————– ———– Le Monde 03-04 / 04/05 ———————– Nothing see … ——————— Posted by Watrelot on Saturday, April 2, 2005

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